Vacuum sintering furnaces process materials under vacuum or inert gas condition so as to prevent material being oxidized. It’s widely used for hard alloy, ceramic material, carbon fiber graphitization. It’s suitable for hard alloy, ceramic materials, carbon fiber graphitization, carbon and carbon composites, silicon carbide products, photoelectric coating materials, refractory Metal (tungsten, molybdenum, tungsten copper alloy) and other alloy materials vacuum or atmosphere high temperature sintering.
With the large pumping capacity, high vacuum, temperature uniformity under controlled and no leakage and other characteristics, the use of touch screen operation, PLC control, simple operation, high reliability, fault alarm, mechanical automatic protection, action interlock and other functions, equipment safety High.
With remote operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote software upgrades and other functions.
The heating method is divided into two kinds: resistance heating, induction heating.
The type of charge is loaded, bottom loading, horizontal, bell-type a variety of ways to choose
Vacuum units, electrical components, heating room materials and other technologies can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

High Temperature vacuum sintering furnace

Vertical Type Vacuum Sintering Furnace divided into top loading and bottom loading two types of structure. Which widely used in hard alloy, ceramic, refractory metal and hard alloy(such as tungsten,molybdenum,tungsten copper alloy vacuum sintering).

Silicon carbide vacuum sintering furnace(RVS-S)

The silicon carbide sintering furnace is used for reactive sintering of SiC ceramic products, no pressure sintering, recrystallization sintering, hot isostatic pressing sintering, and can also be used for sintering other ceramic products such as silicon nitride. The maximum temperature of the device up to 2400 ℃, with debinding, dust removal system, sintering system finished at one time. There are two types of structure horizontal and vertical type.

MIM vacuum sintering furnace (RVS-M)

Injection molding debinding sintering furnace equipments is mainly used for iron, stainless steel, titanium alloy, alloy steel and high-speed steel and other materials, injection molding products, debinding and sintering process.

MIM catalytic debinding furnace(CDF)

The equipment is mainly used for the catalytic degreasing process in the production of metal powder injection molding (MIM) products.

Continuous vacuum sintering furnace(RVS-C)

Continuous vacuum sintering furnace is a large-scale, continuous production of large-scale high-efficiency vacuum sintering equipment. The equipment is suitable for vacuum or atmosphere sintering of alnico permanent magnet, neodymium iron boron, hard alloy, ceramic material, tungsten and molybdenum refractory metal, composite material and other alloy material. Each vacuum chamber is isolated by high temperature vacuum valve, which can achieve full oxygen-free operation, continuous operation production, high production efficiency and energy saving.

Glove box vacuum sintering furnace(RVS-G)

Glove box vacuum sintering furnace for the powder metallurgy industry and a variety of magnetic materials, oxygen-free operation and vacuum sintering process. The two ends of the operating room can be docked with the user's revolving cars and sintering chambers respectively. The operating room has horizontal and vertical movement, which can be docked with multiple sintering chambers, so as to realize an operating room for multiple sintering chambers.

Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering Furnace(RVH)

Vacuum hot press furnace is for the implementation of hot pressing sintering process equipment. Vacuum hot pressing sintering process is in a certain vacuum and high temperature environment, giving certain mechanical pressure to the material at the same time, so that the powder contact and diffusion, flow, rearrangement. Through this process the powder density will be increased significantly.

Vacuum pressure sintering furnace(RVP)

Vacuum pressure sintering furnace is mainly used for tungsten alloy, high specific gravity alloy, molybdenum alloy and carbide products such as vacuum sintering, pressure sintering.

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace (SPS)

Spark plasma sintering furnace is a kind of furnace that put metal and other powder into the graphite or other materials made of the mold. It is a new sintering process which taking use of the pulse current to heat and sinter the particles. Sometimes it’s called PAS(plasma activated sintering).
The advantages for the SPS: the heating speed is faster, shorter sintering time, energy conservation and environment friendly. SPS has been widely used in the preparation of nano materials, gradient functional materials, metal materials, magnetic materials, composite materials, ceramics and other materials.

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