Vacuum Medium Frequency Induction Sintering Furnace For Sputtering Target Mo Plate

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    Tungsten Steel Melting Furnace With Crucible, Tungsten Tungsten Steel Induction Melting Furnace For Melting copper melting furnace | eBay Melting Furnaces – Suppliers, Manufacturers & Traders in India Homemade electric melting furnace – Metal Lab Melting Furnace, China Melting Furnace Manufacturers Gold Melting Furnace -Reduce Cost and Increase Revenue Metal Melting Furnace Kit – Small

  • Titanium Resource Buyer's Guide :: AMETEK - Reading Alloys

    Reading Alloys also supplies high-purity metal powders for the military, medical, electronic, semiconductor, sputtering target and powder metallurgy markets. A Tradition of Excellence Reading Alloys was founded in 1953 on the principles of excellence in applied metallurgical research and development.

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    If you need molybdenum rod, sheet, plate, wirefor your Vacuum Furnace operations contact Ed Heat Treating, and other high-technology industries China Molybdenum, Molybdenum Wire, Spray Molybdenum Wire

  • Tungsten Sputtering Target(id:10400519). Buy China

    Tungsten Sputtering Target 1. An important way to make thin-film material is sputtering—a new way of physical vapor deposition (PVD). The thin-film made by target is characterized by high density and good adhesiveness.

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    ChunMao Metallic Materials Co., Ltd, The main variety of high-purity single, mixed rare earth and oxides, various sputtering targets, ceramic target, optical coating materials, special aluminum other new materials.

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    Brazing Furnace from Shanghai Gehang Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.. Search High Quality Brazing Furnace Manufacturing and Exporting supplier on Alibaba.

  • Thin film formation use sputtering target material, thin

    A method of forming a thin film comprising the step of: forming an AgPdTi alloy thin film using a sputtering target material, the AgPdTi alloy comprising Pd in an amount ranging from 0.1 to 1.5 atomic %, Ti in an amount ranging from 0.1 to 2.9 atomic %, and Cu in an amount ranging from 0.1 to 3.5 atomic %.

  • etallurgy and ferrous or non-ferrous alloys and treatment

    FIELD: metallurgy.SUBSTANCE: method includes the stages of (i) irradiation in predominantly oxygen-free medium of cured coated metal Mo-100-target plate with protons emitted by the cyclotron, (ii) dissolving molybdenum ions and technetium ions from irradiated target plate in H2O2 (iv) adjusting the pH of the oxide solution to about 14, (v

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    5ton Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace - Induction Melting Furnace Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace Melting Furnace - huaxin Electric Furnace Co .Ltd. Perfect fit, direct replacement. Manufacturer Part No. 3287406 Interchange Part No.

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    Our production base is located in the development zone,airport road, Harbin, the geographical position is very good.We have imported medium temperature wax vacuum induction furnace,medium frequency vacuum induction furnace,many sets high temperature hydraulic press, punching machine, vacuum hot-pressing sintering and ludox investment casting

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    Abstract: Provided is a sintered body comprising LiCoO2 used for a sputtering target. The area A of a surface of the sintered body that corresponds to a sputtering surface is 200-1500 cm2 and the relative density of the entire sintered body is 75% or higher.

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    Base-plate made of stainless steel 304 performs better than the copper base-plate for the control of temperature distribution. 4. There exists an optimal thickness of the graphite susceptor, and the rise of temperature is not linearly proportional to the thickness of the graphite susceptor.

  • Solid-state bonding of alloy-designed Cu–Zn brass and

    The Cu alloy ingot was prepared by high frequency induction furnace melting, and it was extruded to round bar at 873 K. The mechanical properties of the materials are as following; tensile strength, yield strength, tensile elongation, and Vickers hardness are 672, 315 MPa, 17 % and 180 Hv for Cu alloy, and 985 MPa, 817 MPa, 15 % and 318 Hv for

  • molybdenum tungsten reflection shield for sapphire growth

    Molybdenum heat shield for hot zone of sapphire growing furnace. As the heat-shield parts in the sapphire growth furnace, the most decisive function of upper and bottom cover plate is to prevent and reflect the

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    battery connection plate battery hatch battery housing battery leak battery slot battery support battery-cover frequency frequency adjustment frequency corrector frequency divider frequency series frequency stability vacuum-gage vacuum-gauge vagary value valve vanadium vaporization vaporize vaporizer variable variable condenser

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    Equipment Filter. Pegasus HRT Pegasus HRT – High Resolution GC-TOFMS . High resolution sputter coater and carbon evaporator Q150T ES Modula coating unit Sputter Coater. Bertec Portable force plate (FP4060-05-PT) Institution: Stellenbosch University. Show me.

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    The detailed methods are as below: hot pressing (HP), cold isostatic pressing(CIP), cold pressing and sinter, vacuum induction melting (VIM), vacuum induced levitation melting furnace vacuum sintering, vacuum melting casting, vacuum arc melting, vacuum sinter, FZ, CZ, CVD, Vacuum forging and so on.

  • Electric current activated/assisted sintering (ECAS): a

    It introduced unprecedented technological innovations with new basic sintering principles using different electric current waveforms, (i.e. low-frequency ac, high-frequency unidirectional ac and/or pulsed dc).

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    The system includes a sputtering chamber and a separate pre-clean chamber, where wafers can be transferred between the two chambers by a robotic arm without breaking a vacuum. The wafers are mounted one-by-one onto a rotating pallet in the pre-cleaning chamber and sputtering chamber.

  • With one or more layers not made from powder, e.g. made

    Sintering is performed in two stages: first, pressed article is sintered in chamber furnace at 1150-1200 °C for 100-200 min in protective atmosphere, then high-temperature sintering is performed for surface layer by frequency current at 1300-1400 °C for 10-40 s to depth of 3-4 mm.

  • Powder metallurgy of titanium – past, present, and future

    Sintering of the compacted powder is usually carried out in vacuum. The PA method refers to sintering PA powders, which are typically made using the gas atomisation (GA) or the plasma rotating electrode process (PREP).

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