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  • Furnaces for Melting type FIM/Pt for Platinum and Alloys

    Our melting furnaces for the production of platinum/pt-based sheet or wire range from small (500 gr capacity) to medium (1-4 kg) to large (22 kg).

  • Electric Laboratory Gold Melting Furnace Manufacturers and

    It is an energy saving, high efficient, Easy to install and operate metal furnace. This melting furnace is with 1-30kg copper capacity or equal. It is wildly used for tin,lead, zinc, copper, silver, gold and platinum melting and content test. This lab melting furnace is favourite by the university laboratory and casting group lab for content

  • tz-1600vcb laboratory high temperature crucible melting

    TZ-1600VCB Laboratory High Temperature Crucible Melting Furnace. TZ-1600VCB Laboratory High Temperature Steel Materials Crucible Melting Furnace TZ-1600VCB Vacuum Crucible Furnace is a vacuum chamber furnace with 7.5"(Dia

  • Industrial glass - Glassmaking in the laboratory

    Melting is generally carried out in electrically heated furnaces with a platinum-lined tank or platinum crucibles; occasionally melting is conducted in large clay pots that hold about a ton of glass. Molten glass is cast into flats, delivered as a stream directly into mold blanks, or extruded into rods.

  • cupola furnace used for laboratory melting furnace for

    cupola furnace used for laboratory melting furnace for gold silver copper. Read More. Read More. Platinum Melting Furnace, Platinum Melting Furnace Suppliers silver melting furnace induction furnace electric furnace cupola furnace More..Small electric furnace for melting g

  • High Temperature Assay Furnace For Melting Gold With 1300C

    Furnaces & Ovens. high temperature rotary lab vacuum laboratory induction melting furnace for 5KG-10KG sliver/gold/platinum melting high frequency Fire Assay Gold - SGS - When You Need To Be Sure from high grade ores.

  • Platinum Labware | Platinum Products | Supplier

    Its high melting point, 1773 degrees Celsius, ductility and excellent resistance to chemical attack by acids makes it very suitable for laboratory ware. PLATINUM 10% RHODIUM This alloy has melting point of 1850 degrees Celsius, it has greater hardness and higher strength than other platinum alloy.

  • gold, silver, cooper melting portable machine

    Mainly for metals: platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, silver, copper, steel, aluminum, activated carbon, gold ash, gold sand, electrolytic mud, gold and silver powder and other metals. very popular with factory laboratory and workshop, because portable induction melting machine is compact and easy to operate, and the price is relatively

  • Laboratory Furnaces - Laboratory Equipment

    Laboratory Furnaces Terra Universal carries a complete line of laboratory furnaces, including muffle, tube, vacuum and high temperature furnaces. Contact a Terra product expert for details in selecting the right furnace to suit your application.

  • Index of Laboratory Vacuum Furnaces | Centorr Vacuum

    Centorr Vacuum Industries manufactures a diverse line of laboratory vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace equipment that is suitable to most customer’s needs. We start with a thorough understanding of your processes and furnacing requirements, and then help you select a system that best fits your requirements.

  • Arc Melting Furnaces - Materials Research Furnaces, Inc.

    Arc Melting Furnaces Our selection of arc melting furnaces is low cost, compact, simple to operate and reliable, yet can reach temperatures up to 3700°C and find use in a wide range of applications. We have a several sizes available.

  • Melting (Fusion) Furnace for Gold 10 Kg | DoveInstruments

    DOVE’s Melting Furnaces are easy and safe to use requiring only LPG natural gas and oxygen, which can be easily acquired in country. DOVE’s reputation for designing and manufacturing products like the Melting Furnace is widely known for high performance and reliability in conjunction with excellent value.

  • Laboratory furnace - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

    Find your laboratory furnace easily amongst the 507 products from the leading brands (IKA, Brabender, MECANUMERIC, ) on DirectIndustry, the industry specialist for your professional purchases.

  • laboratory Ashing furnace-The best lab furnace manufacturer

    laboratory Ashing furnace is widely used in denture processing industry, science research institutes, zirconia sintering,ect.

  • Platinum Melting Furnace For Sale - HM Furnace Hvac

    melting process achieves first commercial production traditional platinum furnace. Table 2: Base case valuation of 2x 5MW ConRoast smelters Their eventual sale is a possibility and our risked valuation approximately equals …

  • Series 1800 - CM Furnaces Inc

    RAPID TEMP LAB FURNACES 1800°C (3272°F) The most reliable and widely used lab furnaces available today, the CM 1800 Series Rapid Temp Lab Furnaces offer rapid heating and cooling rates, uniform temperature control, compactness, and sturdy construction for long term use.

  • gold melting furnace lab equipment manufacturer

    gold melting furnace & gold melting furnace online Wholesalers - choose gold melting furnace from 2860 list of China gold melting furnace Manufacturers of GET READ industrial furnace, industrial oven manufacturers in india.

  • PlusFurnace? – Laboratory Heat Treatment Systems

    PlusFurnace? – Laboratory Heat Treatment Systems. Under the brand PlusFurnace?, we manufacture wide variety of heat treatment systems for laboratory research and light industrial applications for biomedical lab, pharmaceutical and life science research, food and dairy industry and other light industrial applications.

  • Melting and Holding Furnaces | Home - Nabertherm

    For melting furnaces with only furnace chamber temperature control, a separate bath temperature measurement device can be used to check the bath temperature. The measurement device is suitable for a temperature range from 0 °C to 1300 °C, and can be delivered with different dip pipe lengths (200 mm, 380 mm, 610 mm).

  • 1kg Mini Gold Melting Furnace Used in Laboratory - Alibaba

    Gold Melting Furnace meets the needs for individuals who are melting small to medium jobs.The unit is light and compact for easy travel. Insulated lid holds heat in and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt. We have professional packaging and shipping insurance so your purchase will arrive safely.

  • HHV Laboratory furnaces

    Laboratory furnaces Over more than 4 decades, HHV has been a pioneer in the manufacture of a range of electric laboratory and industrial furnaces, ovens and vacuum based equipment. HHV range of vacuum furnace and ovens includes, horizontal, vertical type , and the capacity range up to 2000 kg.

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