Laborotary vacuum furnace mainly used for universities and reasearch institues. The small size vacuum furnace is more economic and simple to simulate the process of heat treatment, sintering, brazing etc.

vcf small vacuum consumable electrode arc furnace

It is mainly used in universities and research institutes melting and making sample of sponge titanium and zirconium sponge active metals and refractory metal making raw materials, and then research and test their physical, chemical and mechanical propertiesto get new products.

VRF small vacuum heat treatment furnace

VRF small vacuum heat treatment furnace is assembled by vacuum chamber system, vacuum degassing and measuring system, heating and temperature control system, electric control system, gas charging system, auxiliary system. This furnace applied for components vacuum degassing, annealing, brazing and other heat treatment processes.

VIF small vacuum induction melting furnace makes metal materials melting and casting process in vacuum condition; it applied for experiment and metal, nonmetal materials research & development. Eg: support morphous foils, rapid quenching powder, metal melting and casting experiments and researches. composition: furnace body, power inlet system, power system, vacuum system, water cooling system, casting system.
3.Its mould is moveable after casting job.
4.Induction coil design base on 100-1000g iron melting capacity.
5.Ultimate vacuum degree can achieve 7X10-4Pa.

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